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We’re coconuts and proud of it — crazy about food, cooking, and healthy living. Coconut Oil Cooking is a place we created to share our ideas, our adventures and our love for coconut oil (quite possibly the cooking world’s best-kept secret). So whether you’re looking for a gourmet recipe, a hot new restaurant or just a few tips on how to eat a little healthier, you’re sure to find it here, and you can bet coconut oil will be a part of it!

Save the Elephant Day

SaveElephantDay 300x300  Save the Elephant Day

Today is Save the Elephant Day! 🐘 ❤️Elephants are majestic creatures who are emotional, gentle, beautiful, and exceptionally smart.Unfortunately, they are poached in the wild for their tusks. African Elephants and Asian Elephants are both listed under the International Union for Conservation as endangered. Their population is declining rapidly. There are dozens of elephant sanctuaries and organizations that help stop this, but it all starts with creating awareness. Take some time today to learn more and share this with a friend. 👭 🐘If you are interested in more information, please visit the resources below.Today is all about raising awareness!Organizations & […]

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