Wellness Wednesday

May Social Media Post 5050 28 300x300  Wellness Wednesday

Welcome to Wellness Wednesday! This is the start of something completely new and meant to help you (and me) become more in tune with our bodies and mind. The whole purpose of this monthly blog segment is to create awareness of how what we do, say and eat have an immense impact on our lives. This is the time we’ll take to refocus and make sure that the path we’re on is the correct one. Now when we say “correct path” it doesn’t mean there is only one. What it means is that everyone has their path that is right […]

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Five Yoga Moves to Relieve Stress

Top Yoga Moves from Kelapo 225x225  Five Yoga Moves to Relieve Stress

It’s no secret, this southern girl is no stranger to a good sweat. Whether it’s just STANDING in the Texas or Florida sun, running (in either), or getting a good workout in, I’m no stranger to “glistening.” It’s no surprise, then, my new workout obsession is hot yoga. It’s an hour I dedicate to me where I can clear my mind tone my muscles. Don’t get me wrong, a good day of pampering can be just as relaxing. But there is something about getting a good workout that busts my stress like nothing else. Last night after my class, I […]

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Top 5 Yoga Poses to Strengthen your Core

yoga1 300x248  Top 5 Yoga Poses to Strengthen your Core

I’ve been doing a lot of yoga lately.  It’s almost Spring Break and bathing suit season!  Time to kick up your workouts a notch and concentrate on the areas that give you the most problems.  Here are the Top 5 yoga poses to get your core ready for the summertime.   Boat Pose – From a seated position, bring the legs straight up to a 45 degree angle. The torso will naturally fall back, but do not let the spine collapse. Make a “V” shape with the body. Bring the arms out straight in line with the shoulders. Balance on […]

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