Week Before Thanksgiving To-Do List

As one of the biggest holidays approaches its due date stress is a common factor, but fear not! I have written today’s blog to help you busy folk plan out this Thanksgiving day feast!Now, whether Thanksgiving is being celebrated at your house or not, it’s always nice to extend a helping hand! Here is a list of things to do to ensure that your Thanksgiving day is successful.First on our list is to buy the turkey! Never leave the main dish to be bought at the last minute or you might find yourself purchasing rotisserie chicken for your Thanksgiving meal. […]

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Turkey Leftover Soup

Every year my dad makes the best turkey soup from all of our Thanksgiving leftovers. I think I might even look forward to the soup more than the actual holiday meal, it’s that good. He usually uses olive oil in his soup, but this year I have convinced him to use Kelapo Coconut Oil in its place to make it just a little bit healthier. Here’s the recipe that he uses. Ingredients 8 cups chicken broth left over turkey in bite-sized pieces, white and dark meat, about 2-3 cups 1 carrot, halved lengthwise, plus 1 carrot, minced 1 whole stalk […]

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Brown Sugar Glazed Ham

Typically, I’m the last person to shop for Thanksgiving dinner. Because I’m THAT person in line at the grocery store buying the supplies the night before, I typically have to forego the traditional turkey in place for a ham. But, that does not make my meal any less delicious. I was experimenting in the kitchen last night in preparation of the big meal, especially on a new glaze for the ham. What I came up with is not only super easy, it’s super delicious. A fool-proof way to wow your guests this holiday season. Ingredients: 1 baked ham, saving the […]

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