raw chocolate bourbon tartlets

Chef Megan Huylo’s Raw Chocolate Bourbon Tartlets

Raw Chocolate Bourbon Tartlet Plate 225x225  Chef Megan Huylo’s Raw Chocolate Bourbon Tartlets

Today’s recipe was created by New York based Chef Megan Huylo, and boy am I excited. Because of my Southern roots, putting bourbon in a recipe means you have to eat it. This treat is also raw and vegan, so it’s great for everyone to enjoy. Most of Chef Megan’s recipes are healthy, plant-based creations. Be sure to visit her site, www.DowntownEpicure.com for more delicious treats and dishes. Raw Chocolate Bourbon Tartlets with Chocolate Hazelnut CrustYield: 24 tartlets or 1 large tartIngredientsFor the crust:3/4 cup dried prunes, about 6 ounces, roughly chopped1½ cups hazelnut flour1/4 cup + 3 tablespoons raw cacao […]

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