12 Perfect Foods + 1 Super Food = One Great Diet!

IMG 20130624 165121 225x225  12 Perfect Foods + 1 Super Food = One Great Diet!

Let me just say – diets are not my thing. I’m not good at them, they stress me out. However, if I just think of it as “eating well” I can “diet” all I want. In my household, we really try to stick to the power, super and perfect foods, then we just mix them up to make some delicious dishes. When I came across this list of the “12 Perfect Foods”, I had to share it with the Kelapo fans. Because when you mix one of these perfect foods with the super food that is coconut oil – you’ve […]

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Unfried, Fried Ice Cream

UnFried Ice Cream 225x225  Unfried, Fried Ice Cream

2 words: Mexican desserts! I am obsessed!  Whether it’s churros, tres leches cake, sopapillas, or fried ice cream, I can’t get enough!  On our constant quest to make unhealthy food a little bit healthier I found a great recipe for fried ice cream that isn’t really fried.  You still get all of the crunchy, cinnamony goodness, it’s just not thrown in a deep fryer to soak up a ton of unhealthy oils.  Make this for a quick and amazing dessert one night after enjoying one of our yummy Mexican entrees: Baked chicken fajitas, chicken flautas, baked chicken taquitos, or Mexican […]


Chicken Fajita Wrap

ChickenFajitaWrap1 225x225  Chicken Fajita Wrap

It’s that time of the week again…Wrap Wednesday! Today I wanted to share a twist that I put to fajitas that I made last night. Instead of having to make a bunch of tortillas with all the filling, I thought it would be nice to fit all the ingredients into a single wrap. When Erin and I were at Expo West, we were across from Frontera Gourmet Mexican Products and I soon became obsessed with all their whole line. From the salsa, queso dip, chips, and marinades, I had so many options for a Mexican themed dinner! I have become […]