The Celebrity Coconut Craze

 options Hi Res Large Coconut2  The Celebrity Coconut Craze

Lately, it seems celebrities can’t stop talking about coconut oil. Now, of course, we don’t mind this at all. We are coconuts about it, too! We’ve talked about some of Hollywood’s elite using the oil before – now we have few new names to add to the list, as well as one of our “FRIENDS” favorite new use for it.Gwyneth Paltrow – This veteran of the red carpet says coconut oil is her go-to natural product. She uses it as a moisturizer and in her cooking – but what got the most attention was oil pulling. The star says she […]

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Heart Healthy Oils

Heart Healthy Oils 225x225  Heart Healthy Oils

When asked about a vegetarian source for the cholesterol and heart healthy benefits of fish oil, Pharmacist Suzy Cohen laid out her favorites. Guess which one made here list? That’s right, coconut oil! And in honor of Heart Health Month, we’re giving you the entire list of her favorite oils to use as part of your own healthy diet. Coconut oil: Suzy loves how versatile this oil is – from cooking to beauty, really the uses are endless. Her favorite way to use it is in her smoothies. “Coconut oil helps my brain, it’s known to support brain health,” Suzy […]

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Five Foods for Fabulous Skin

five foods for better skin 225x225  Five Foods for  Fabulous Skin

It doesn’t matter how wonderful your skin is (thanks mom!), you should never take it for granted. Once I really started paying attention to my moisturizer and using the right cleansers, there was a huge difference. But there’s more to taking care of your skin than just what you put ON it, it’s also really important to focus on what we put IN our bodies. There’s more than just the old wives tales of chocolate and greasy foods. Here are five real foods Candice Kumai, former model and host of Lifetime’s “Cook Yourself Thin”, says will naturally perk up your skin. […]

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