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Unfried, Fried Ice Cream

2 words: Mexican desserts! I am obsessed!  Whether it’s churros, tres leches cake, sopapillas, or fried ice cream, I can’t get enough!  On our constant quest to make unhealthy food a little bit healthier I found a great recipe for fried ice cream that isn’t really fried.  You still get all of the crunchy, cinnamony goodness, it’s just not thrown in a deep fryer to soak up a ton of unhealthy oils.  Make this for a quick and amazing dessert one night after enjoying one of our yummy Mexican entrees: Baked chicken fajitas, chicken flautas, baked chicken taquitos, or Mexican […]


Homemade Peach Ice Cream

We want to send a big thank you to Alison’s dad, Rich, who wrote a guest blog for us!  Rich made homemade peach ice cream with a recipe he has been using since he was a little kid helping his grandfather make this amazing ice cream.  This blog will bring us into our theme for August, Family Ties.  What is your favorite recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation?   When I was growing up in Phoenix fifty years ago, our summer Sunday afternoons at my grandparents always included homemade ice cream.  The process began with a […]

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