Healthy Dinner

Honey Lime Fish Tacos with Mango Slaw

When I first heard about fish tacos years ago, I would have never thought that this combination would be one that I liked – but I was completely wrong. To me, a fish taco is light, yet filling and there are so many ways you can get creative with them. I personally love to sauté my fish in coconut oil first to give an added burst of flavor. Coconut oil is a great replacement for olive oil or butter when cooking and baking, simply replaced in a 1:1 ration in any recipe you’re making. Instead of sticking to the same […]

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Healthy Dinner on a Budget: Crockpot Chicken

As a mother, I always enjoying cooking delicious meals for my family. I especially enjoy the meals that are inexpensive to make and have a ton of flavor, who wouldn’t enjoy those?! Eating nutritious meals on a budget can sometimes be tricky, but do some research and pinch pennies where you can! Try buying your produce from produce stands, it tends to taste better and is WAY cheaper than the grocery store. Also, instead of buying chicken breasts for over $3.00 a pound try buying a whole chicken and cooking it at home. I’m going to show you a great […]

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Chef Dennis’ Pistachio Encrusted Salmon

The holidays are coming and no matter how you celebrate, it means a time for family and friends to gather.  And what better way to celebrate the season than by sharing a meal.  I’m always looking for something new to make, something to impress my guests not only with a delicious meal but a beautifully presented meal. The old saying is “we eat with our eyes” and that my friends is the truth!  No matter how good a dish may taste, if the appearance is less than stellar, the flavors will not be appreciated. So as you prepare your holiday feast, […]

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