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Homemade Granola

Now that summertime is creeping upon us, I have been brainstorming ideas of easy snacks and breakfast items that are simple to make and not time consuming. Granola has always been a favorite of mine, but buying boxes at a time can really start to add up cost wise. To help solve my granola dilemma, I decided to create a recipe of my own to make from scratch. I can’t begin to explain how much fun this was and not to mention, super easy! I love the fact that you can literally put in any of your favorite nuts or […]

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How Safe are your Baking Supplies?

Coconut Oil is a fantastic choice for your baking and eating needs in the kitchen, but what about the tools used to get food from your pan to your plate? At Essential Safe Products, we know toxic chemicals could be lurking on your bakeware, so we want to help you sort out your materials for a safer, more pleasant cooking experience! First, it’s important to remember that all bakeware is not considered equal.  Unfortunately, the popular non-stick pans and sheets can contain some pretty disturbing chemicals that you wouldn’t want anywhere near your food or your mouth.  When the non-stick […]

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