foot scrub

Operation “Pamper Your Feet”

Feet! Those babies are probably the most stressed out part of our body and yet they are really the most neglected. I mean, how often do you wrap your feet in love and take the time to truly pamper those hard working little slivers of stability? Ahem, guilty! One of my goals for the remainder of this year was to give my feet the attention they deserve. So I created a 4 step foot pampering routine that I am committed to doing twice a month. It is a small sacrifice to care for a pretty important part of my body! […]

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Lavender and Rose Mother’s Day Foot Scrub

  Part 2 of our homemade Mother’s Day gift is a Lavender and Rose Foot Scrub made with one of our more unique coconut oil recipes. Moms love to be pampered and what better way to pamper your mom than making her homemade foot scrub to use after a long, hard day (scrubbing your mom’s feet is optional)!               Ingredients: 1 cup coarse kosher salt or sugar (we used coconut sugar) 1/2 cup Kelapo coconut oil (heat to a liquid consistency) 10 drops Lavender Essential Oil 10 drops Rose Absolute Oil Optional: 2-3 teaspoons Vitamin E Oil […]