Holiday Pet Treats

IMG 1212 225x225  Holiday Pet Treats

I have two little dogs I got from the SPCA and not only is it the holidays, it’s almost one of their birthdays. I know it sounds a little bit odd (at least for non-dog people), but I wanted to try and make something for the pups as a special treat. I figured with the holidays coming up this would be the perfect time for you to make a nice and easy treat for your favorite furry friend, too! To make these treats I did not want to have to go out to the store, get a bunch of ingredients […]

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All Natural Flea and Tick Repellent

IMG 1688 225x225  All Natural Flea and Tick Repellent

It is finally October! Down here in Florida that means that, it is finally starting to cool off a bit and it is becoming more bearable to spend a lot of time outside, especially for my furry little friends. My dogs, just like any other dogs, love to run around outside, their favorite place to go is Walsingham Park. I think they like this park so much because there are a lot of winding and secluded trails so I let them walk with me without their leashes, they can explore, without getting into too much trouble. The only problem is, […]


Make Your Own Dog Food

graham treat 225x225  Make Your Own Dog Food

Today is National Dog Appreciation Day, so in honor of that we wanted to give you the chance to give your dogs a tasty treat. Any time you change your dog’s diet it is important to contact your veterinarian first to avoid any unwanted health risks. When cooking for your dog, be sure to maintain the proper percentages of protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and fat our four-legged friends require for a balanced meal. The Founder’s Veterinary Clinic of Brea, California, offers a sample recipe for 20-pound dogs that you can half for 10-pounders or doubled for 40-pound canines. Ingredients:1/4 pound of […]