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Five Yoga Moves to Relieve Stress

Top Yoga Moves from Kelapo 225x225  Five Yoga Moves to Relieve Stress

It’s no secret, this southern girl is no stranger to a good sweat. Whether it’s just STANDING in the Texas or Florida sun, running (in either), or getting a good workout in, I’m no stranger to “glistening.” It’s no surprise, then, my new workout obsession is hot yoga. It’s an hour I dedicate to me where I can clear my mind tone my muscles. Don’t get me wrong, a good day of pampering can be just as relaxing. But there is something about getting a good workout that busts my stress like nothing else. Last night after my class, I […]

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DIY Valentine’s Day Bath Bomb

edit2 225x225  DIY Valentine’s Day Bath Bomb

This Valentine’s Day you can make anyone feel loved by making these homemade bath bombs. This is also a great craft to make with kids because it’s almost like a science experiment! So what are bath bombs? If you would have asked me this 2 weeks ago, I would have told you I have no idea! I knew that you added them to your bath and they are supposed to help you relax, but that’s about it. I had no idea what ingredients they contained, why they were used, or how to even make them. However, after a little bit […]