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Coconut Oil and Lice Treatment

If you have school-aged children you know one of the biggest concerns is head lice. It is a truly horrifying experience to go through especially if it isn’t treated and removed immediately. Luckily, my son is still in preschool so I don’t think that he’ll be coming home with it anytime soon. However, if your child is in school with many other students there is a higher risk they may come in contact with these pesky little creatures. Instead of using an over the counter medicine with harsh chemicals, you can use coconut oil for an at-home-remedy. Ingredients: Jar of […]

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How To Keep Healthy Hair During the Winter

We all know that the winter months may cause our hair to do crazy things. Whether it becomes dry, flaky, or you’re just having a bad hair day, I have your remedy. We have explained previously that coconut oil can work wonders to your hair but I wanted to share a few of my tips in keeping healthy hair during the winter months. Although in Florida we don’t get very many “cold” days there are some days that my hair is dry or has fly-a-ways and I maintain that with coconut oil. Here’s some of my tips for surviving those […]

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