coconut oil and metabolism

Waistline Wednesday’s – Fat Burning Foods

Today is the start of “Waistline Wednesday” where each Wednesday of this month we will be bringing you tips and information with facts you may have not known about foods and also how to better your lifestyle. I wanted to focus on a few foods that have become a staple in my diet and Fox News actually just released an article on the best fat-burning foods to boost weight loss with coconut oil being one of them! Some of these foods I wouldn’t have thought to touch years ago and didn’t have a clue what the benefits of coconut oil […]

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The Difference Between Medium- and Long- Chain Fatty Acids

There’s been some Twitter chatter lately about the lauric acid in coconut oil being a long-chain fatty acid. If you understand why we have an issue with this – we’re impressed with your coconut oil knowledge- if not, read on. Our biggest issue is, calling lauric acid a long-chain fatty acid or triglyceride (LCT). What makes lauric acid a uniquely composed saturated fat  is that lauric acid is actually a medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) and acts completely different in your body. The New York University Langone Medical Centersays MCTs, like lauric acid, are used as an energy source similar to a carbohydrate. “Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are […]

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