coconut oil and dogs

Frozen Dog Treats

Like most pet owners, I absolutely love my dogs. To me my dogs are like my furry little children. I have a one-year-old shepherd beagle mix, and a six-month-old boxer mix, both from the SPCA. I would do anything for those little guys. With the Florida heat I have been giving the dogs ice cubes to snack on after walks or if they have been playing outside for a while. I recently saw Lani’s DIY bug bite blog where she essentially made Kelapo Coconut Oil ice cubes to help alleviate bug bite symptoms and thought, “my dogs would love these.” […]


Dog Addicted to Coconut Oil

Are you addicted to coconut oil?  I am.  But have you heard of a dog addicted to coconut oil??  Well, my mom’s dog, Duke is addicted.  He can’t get enough of the stuff! Duke is a 14-year-old, black lab, that we got back when I was in eighth grade and lived in Maryland.  He was playful and fun with lots of energy. Today, Duke is a much slower, older and gentler dog.  He has had some health problems, too.  Each month he goes for a shot to help with his Addison’s disease.  Without the shot, he could die. Well last […]