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Week Before Thanksgiving To-Do List

Herb Citrus RoastedTurkey 225x225  Week Before Thanksgiving To-Do List

As one of the biggest holidays approaches its due date stress is a common factor, but fear not! I have written today’s blog to help you busy folk plan out this Thanksgiving day feast!Now, whether Thanksgiving is being celebrated at your house or not, it’s always nice to extend a helping hand! Here is a list of things to do to ensure that your Thanksgiving day is successful.First on our list is to buy the turkey! Never leave the main dish to be bought at the last minute or you might find yourself purchasing rotisserie chicken for your Thanksgiving meal. […]

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Pickle Day Madness

May Social Media Post Ghee 38 225x225  Pickle Day Madness

Pickle lovers unite! November 14th is National Pickle Day and we have the perfect recipes for one of America’s most iconic delicacies. Fried Pickles started in the Southern U.S. generations ago, and now have a following of dedicated pickle lovers throughout America. Deep frying may be bad for your health but if you were to tweak some of the ingredients, those naysayers would jump on the fried pickle bandwagon.Check out our top pickle recipes below and tell us your favorite one in the comments! Skinny Dilly Pickle FriesLooking for something different? Then, try this recipe on for size.Ingredients needed:1 large russet […]

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Slow Cooker Recipes for the Fall

18277 FB Post 5 225x225  Slow Cooker Recipes for the Fall

Everything’s nice and sweet until someone pulls out their slow cooker and let me tell you! I mean so many recipes can be done on it but I have yet to try it out. Seeing as November has just begun, I thought it fitting to try some fall inspired recipes.Uncle Jack’s Mac-and-Cheese from Southern LivingNow, doesn’t that just sound like fall and Thanksgiving all in one?Ingredients needed:1 package (16 ounces) of elbow macaroni1 ½ cups of heavy cream1 can (12 ounces) of evaporated milk4 large eggs (beaten lightly)½ cup of Kelapo Ghee (melted)1 ½ teaspoons of table salt½ teaspoon of […]

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