Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispies

Kids always want to have a themed birthday party these days. Whether you are planning their first birthday or their tenth birthday, planning the party is usually a big deal. Instead of doing the typical themed parties why not think out of the box and create your own?! I came up with a great idea of a painting party for kids. Whether it be painting pottery or canvas’ all kids love to paint and it is a great way for them to express their creativity! With every party you’ll need food, desserts and goody bags. Now, I’ll let you think […]

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National Chocolate Day

Aside from my birthday and Christmas, this is my favorite holiday! Seriously – a day devoted to chocolate, what!? Let’s all take a moment and let the sweet taste of rich cocoa take over all the stress we may feel – because after all, I do believe that is the unofficial, official reason we celebrate. Believe it or not, not all chocolate is bad for you. In my sweet-tooth filled research, I found a very helpful article from Women’s Health focusing on the benefits, yes as in good-for-you benefits, to eating chocolate. Some sounded very familiar to what we see in […]

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Chef Jessica’s Vegan Chocolate Fondue

When it comes to a favorite food I think the majority of women would agree with me when I say- it would have to be chocolate!  A 2007 BBC news article quotes Dr. David Lewis of the Mind Lab as saying “Chocolate beats kissing hands down when it comes to providing a long-lasting body and brain buzz” ( Psychologist Sue Wright said “Chocolate contains phenylethylamine which can raise levels of endorphins, the pleasure-giving substances, in the brain”.  And despite the perception (myself included) that women are the bigger fans of chocolate, the Mind Lab study also found that the effect […]