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Flourless Chocolate Cake

Since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, finding desserts that are enjoyable and actually taste good has been quite a challenge. I have been a diehard chocolate fan for years, so when I found out that chocolate cake could be made without flour, I was ecstatic! I turned to my favorite website to find out how to make this delectable dessert and adapted the recipe a little by replacing coconut oil for butter.To use coconut oil in any recipe, simply replace it in a 1:1 ratio. This healthy fat can transform any dish by complimenting both sweet and savory. I personally […]

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Roxana’s Roasted Figs Chocolate Tart

I’m so excited about this recipe! First of all, it comes straight from a Facebook fan, which means so much to us. Secondly, this Roxana can bake. Seriously, check out her blog Roxana’s Home Baking. She has an entire section dedicated to chocolate, it’s like we were meant to be best friends or something. Roxana is a mother and wife who has a passion for from-scratch recipes. She says: “Baking from scratch doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming – Home baking may be as simple as a muffin recipe or something more laborious like a yeast bread or a […]

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National Chocolate Day

Aside from my birthday and Christmas, this is my favorite holiday! Seriously – a day devoted to chocolate, what!? Let’s all take a moment and let the sweet taste of rich cocoa take over all the stress we may feel – because after all, I do believe that is the unofficial, official reason we celebrate. Believe it or not, not all chocolate is bad for you. In my sweet-tooth filled research, I found a very helpful article from Women’s Health focusing on the benefits, yes as in good-for-you benefits, to eating chocolate. Some sounded very familiar to what we see in […]

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