Kelapo Receives Clean Eating Foodie Award

Kelapo receives Foodie Award!

The results are in! Clean Eating Magazine just released the June issue, featuring the first annual Foodie Awards, honoring “the most delicious, nutritious, and eco-friendly products available.” And guess what…the editorial team at Clean Eating named Kelapo Coconut Oil Pre-measured Baking Sticks as one of their favorite dairy-alternatives!

The magazine praised Kelapo Coconut Oil Pre-measured Baking Sticks as a “baker’s delight,” exclaiming, “These cold-pressed, pre-measured baking sticks offer a one-to-one replacement for butter and oils, taking the guesswork out of substitutions!”

The judging criteria for the Foodie Awards consisted of taste, mouth feel, addictiveness, Clean-Eating-approved ingredients, responsible packaging, and time-saving convenience. Each staff-tested product was rated on a scale from one to five in each of the six categories, and the highest scoring products received a Clean Eating Foodie Award.


Thanks Clean Eating!

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  1. ellie
    May 18, 2012 at 6:01 pm

    Coconut oil is good for people who are hypothyroid. It helps the metabolism , it is healthy and tasty. Try it in your oatmeal !

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