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19176 Ghee6 300x300  #HerbsAndSpicesDay

In my family, it’s all about the herbs and spices you use to make your food that count. What’s a good steak without some herbs and butter? Absolutely bland is what it is! Today we’re happy to celebrate the herbs and spices that we use to season our favorite foods and making our taste buds go on a joy ride each time! We hope these recipes spice up your day!Garlic Butter Herb Steak Bites with PotatoesIngredients needed:1 tablespoon of olive oil2 tablespoons of Kelapo Ghee (divided)1 lb of Yukon gold potatoes (sliced)3 garlic cloves (minced)1 teaspoon of thyme (chopped)1 teaspoon […]

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Doughnut Day

19092 Oil 1 300x300  Doughnut Day

National Doughnut Day is the first Friday in June and lucky for us it’s today! Now instead of doing your basic doughnut recipe which we’ve done before, I’ve researched Keto and Paleo approved doughnut recipes that are super tasty! So not only will you love the taste, but you’ll love that you can have 2 without feeling guilty!Keto Chocolate Coconut DonutIngredients needed:6 eggs½ cup of coconut flour½ cup of keto sweetener¼ cup of cocoa powder¼ cup of Kelapo Coconut Oil¼ cup of Coconut butter½ teaspoon of vanilla extract½ teaspoon of coconut extract½ teaspoon of baking powder½ teaspoon of baking soda¾ […]

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The Rocky Road to Paradise

19223 Kelapo June Cocounut 4 300x300  The Rocky Road to Paradise

Why did the ice cream truck break down?Because of the Rocky Road. I hope that joke made you giggle! Yes, we’re aware that National Rocky Road Day was on Sunday but who says we can only celebrate on that day? Consider this a hump day treat with the added benefits of the chocolatey goodness that is a Rocky Road! Try any of these recipes so you celebrate the best way!Homemade Rocky Road Ice CreamThis recipe from Creations by Kara is super simple so I great thing to make with the kids on any summer day!Ingredients needed:1 ½ cups of sugar½ cup […]

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