Why Coconut Oil?

  • So why are we so crazy about coconut oil? Sure, there's plenty of cooking oil options these days —
    olive oil, corn oil, soybean oil and many others —
    but we think virgin coconut oil is the best for its flavor, its health benefits, and about a million other reasons. Here you'll find the latest ways we see coconut oil changing the world.

Our Top 5 Coconut Oil Recipes

 options Hi Res Large Coconut2  Our Top 5 Coconut Oil Recipes

I love Kelapo Coconut Oil and all the delicious recipes I can cook with it! To honor our love for coconut oil I’ve met with my team and we’ve come up with our top 5 coconut oil recipes! Most of them are from recipe sites that they looked up or cookbooks so feel free to search the original recipe in the link I’ll provide, or try making it “our way” by following our recipes below!Coconut Fried RiceIngredients needed2 cups of parboiled rice1 can of coconut milk1 medium onion (chopped)1 medium carrot (chopped)¼ stem leeks (chopped)4 cloves of garlic (minced)½ of […]

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Benefits of Coconut Oil for Man’s Best Friend

 options Hi Res Large Coconut2  Benefits of Coconut Oil for Man’s Best Friend

Today we celebrate man’s best friend! (no offense cat people) It is National Dog Day we’re all about it. Can you guess why?Coconut oil is the most versatile oil and can you believe it’s great for dogs too? Coconut oil can improve a dog’s digestion, reduce their allergies, combat illnesses or shine their coat! Just like we use it to moisturize our skin, it works wonders on your dog’s dry skin too.Its’ “superfood” benefits include:Increase in energy levelsAids in arthritis and ligament problemsContains anti-bacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal agentsWe can all agree that coconut oil should definitely be on your pet’s […]

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Quick and Fun Snacks

19092 Oil 5 300x300  Quick and Fun Snacks

When prepping for my niece and nephew’s lunches I love to create different fun snacks that their mom and dad don’t normally do! It’s the perfect way to brighten up their day during their snack times. Kids, just like adults, can have bad days so these snacks are the perfect way to change that all around. Plus, these cute snacks have helped them make friends!Cereal Yogurt BarksI’ll admit, I loved these! All you really need is their favorite cereal. Using 2 to 3 different cereals makes it more fun, especially if the yogurt is plain. If you’re going to use […]

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