Why Coconut Oil?

  • So why are we so crazy about coconut oil? Sure, there's plenty of cooking oil options these days —
    olive oil, corn oil, soybean oil and many others —
    but we think virgin coconut oil is the best for its flavor, its health benefits, and about a million other reasons. Here you'll find the latest ways we see coconut oil changing the world.

Nutritious Fat Drinks for the Fall

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So by now, everyone knows we’ve debunked the theory that fats are forbidden and proven that they are actually good for you. There are tons of benefits of good fats, or fatty acids, for example, they’re great for anti-inflammatory solutions, for metabolism and some are even a great source for fiber. Depending on the fatty acid you choose to digest are the nutritional benefits you’ll receive. For a list of the top 10 good fats and their benefits visit the Healthline.Golden MilkThis drink is great for the fall weather but is also great for anti-inflammatory issues. This milk beats taking […]

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Hispanic Heritage Month

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Hispanic Heritage Month has finally started, and I am so excited to whip up some of my favorite Latin cuisine dishes to celebrate! While I realize they are not authentic, it’s the 2nd best thing!Now, for those of you who are not aware of what Hispanic Heritage Month is and represents, I’m here to give you a crash course.From September 15th through October 15th (accurately in September), most of the Latin American countries fought and achieved their independence. It’s during this time that we pay respect to the heritage by celebrating those ancestors that fought for their country’s future. This […]

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For the Love of Elephants

 options Hi Res Large Coconut2  For the Love of Elephants

September 23rd is the official Elephant Appreciation Day! Today we’re celebrating all things elephant and creating awareness for them. Elephants are majestic creatures who are exceptionally smart, but unfortunately, are poached in the wild for their tusks. Even though they are the largest land mammal, poachers kill them by the dozen. There are dozens of elephant sanctuaries and organizations that help stop this, but it all starts with creating awareness. If you are interested in more information, please visit the sites below.Elephant SanctuariesAfrican Wildlife FoundationSave the ElephantsWild Life Conservation – ElephantsThat being said, elephants are also very much part of who […]

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