Why Coconut Oil?

  • So why are we so crazy about coconut oil? Sure, there's plenty of cooking oil options these days —
    olive oil, corn oil, soybean oil and many others —
    but we think virgin coconut oil is the best for its flavor, its health benefits, and about a million other reasons. Here you'll find the latest ways we see coconut oil changing the world.

Oil Pulling Method

white teeth 225x225  Oil Pulling Method

Today is Dentist’s Day! How many people actually enjoy going to the dentist? What makes us dread the dentist so much? And how are we supposed to remember to floss, brush, and mouthwash twice a day, everyday?! We don’t have the answer to ANY of these questions, but we do have the answer to improving your overall oral hygiene… COCONUT OIL!“Oil pulling is a practice dating back thousands of years, having originated with Ayurvedic medicine. When oil pulling is combined with the antimicrobial power of coconut oil, you have one very powerful health tool.” says Dr. Mercola, a renowned natural […]

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Food is Happiness

brooke lark nTZOILVZuOg unsplash 300x216  Food is Happiness

Food = HappinessWhether you’re gathering with family for dinner, learning a new recipe, or annihilating fast food after a night out with your friends, food provides more than a means to survive. It not only sustains life but can give us pleasure and comfort.  We personally base our healthy lifestyle around organic nutrition, regular exercise, and natural remedies. We can’t guarantee that you’ll win Top Chef, but our simple recipes can turn an ordinary meal into a happy, healthy experience.         We especially enjoy adding good fats like coconut oil into fruit smoothies, fresh vegetable dishes, and egg breakfasts to create […]

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Cheesecake Brownies, the Delicious Duo

cheesecake brownie 7 30 300x300  Cheesecake Brownies, the Delicious Duo

Have a hard time deciding on the perfect dessert?  If you love brownies and you love cheesecake, you’re not going to be able to keep your hands off these Cheesecake Brownies.  It truly is the best of both desserts packed into one bite – yum!For any baked goods, I am a firm believer in replacing butter or vegetable oil with coconut oil. Not only is this a healthier alternative, but the flavor and texture of brownies, cookies, and breads come out AMAZING! I promise you won’t be disappointed.To cook or bake with coconut oil, simply replace the recipe in a […]

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