Why Coconut Oil?

  • So why are we so crazy about coconut oil? Sure, there's plenty of cooking oil options these days —
    olive oil, corn oil, soybean oil and many others —
    but we think virgin coconut oil is the best for its flavor, its health benefits, and about a million other reasons. Here you'll find the latest ways we see coconut oil changing the world.

Top 3 Keto Recipes for Everyone to Enjoy

19176 Coconut Oil3 300x300  Top 3 Keto Recipes for Everyone to Enjoy

Keto has been one of the biggest trends that have sparked the interest of millions, but what is keto? Keto, or ketogenic, is a diet where you eat low-carb high-fat meals with the purpose of helping you burn fat more effectively than regular diets. I know when people think about diets they think they’ll starve themselves but honestly that’s not the case on the Keto diet. It’s even become a lifestyle for some people. They chose this diet to feel good about their health, not to fit an image of becoming skinny or being fat. Toss the scale and let’s […]

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Potluck Recipe Ideas

19108 Ghee 5 300x300  Potluck Recipe Ideas

While I am all for potlucks, it is always a struggle to figure out what to cook! The idea is for everyone to enjoy it, but it’s difficult to cater to everyone’s likes and dislikes. For this very reason, I’ve prepared this list of the top recipes to make for any potluck you’re attending!Buffalo Chicken DipYou can never go wrong with this classic dish!Ingredients needed:2 cups of chicken breast (cooked)⅔ cup of buffalo sauce8 oz cream cheese (softened)⅔ cup of sour cream2 ribs of celery (thinly diced)2 green onions (sliced)1 teaspoon of garlic powder1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese1 cup […]

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June Post FlourlessChocCake2 300x300  #NoDietDay

No Diet Day is not about eating all the junk food in the world, of course, if that’s what you want to do then be my guest. No Diet Day is about breaking those restrictions we set on ourselves and being at peace with our bodies. The idea is to accept yourself, flaws and all, and be happy with it. So instead of eating a salad, go grab your favorite food and enjoy it! Let go of what society says is healthy and be content with what this life has given you. If you’re not satisfied, then consider this your […]

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