Susan Dopart’s Healthy Lemon Bars

Lemon Bars 225x225  Susan Dopart’s Healthy Lemon Bars

For my final blog for Kelapo, I wanted to create something cool and refreshing for summer and with that Lemon Bars came to mind. Lemon bars are one of those treats you usually see at picnics, special occasions and summer parties so why not make a healthy, easy version to whip up at a moment’s notice for the coming months? I looked at several standard recipes that used butter and white flour.   When substituting coconut oil for butter you only need to use three-quarters of the amount.  When substituting flours there are lots of options available and I prefer a […]

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Susan Dopart’s 5 Reasons To Use Coconut Oil Instead…

kelapo 225x225  Susan Dopart’s 5 Reasons To Use Coconut Oil Instead…

  Coconut oil has been around for ages but we are just starting to discover the incredible benefits to the human body.  Here are 5 important reasons why you should incorporate coconut oil into your daily routine to benefit your health.   Use coconut oil instead of olive oil when stir-frying your veggies.  Coconut oil is safe to use at high temperatures since it is saturated and the molecules cannot be damaged.  If olive oil is used at too high of temperatures the fatty acids can break down, changing the chemical structure of the oil and destroying its nutrients.  The […]

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Susan Dopart’s Coconut Almond Chicken

MG 2243 225x225  Susan Dopart’s Coconut Almond Chicken

Spice up your Energy with Coconut Almond Chicken Let’s face it.  Chicken and broccoli can get pretty boring.  I wanted to create a new way to spice up chicken that was tasty, crunchy and versatile.  What resulted was a chicken you can eat hot or cold with vegetables or cut-up in a salad. The coconut oil provides the healthy fat MCT oil, which contains lauric acid, which boosts immunity.  The almonds provide monounsaturated fats, fiber and crunch.  Curry is an anti-inflammatory spice.  Add the chicken and you’ve got a recipe packed with protein, anti-inflammatory action and nutrients. Double the recipe […]

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